The Lady Essence: All About The Woman You Desire To Be

 I know we have heard time and time again how being a female is a matter of birth and doesn’t automatically make you a lady?. Well I think every female ought to be a lady but sadly it is not so.

Being a lady is explicitly a very rigorous yet enjoyable process of training, learning, growing and grooming oneself from the everyday kind of girl to that one that stands out without calling for attention.

The word lady depicts royalty and graciousness. This means a lady has certain ways of doing things which portrays her essence.

  1. A lady is not expected to be seen everywhere. This is not a matter of pride, it is a matter of knowing what is worth your time and attention and what is not.
  2. A lady is well mannered and abhors the use of vulgar language
  3. A lady is confident and teachable. She knows her beauty comes from the inside and not from all the layers of makeup, false hair and false lashes.
  4. A lady is original, humble, adaptable with an admirable level of self-control.
  5. A lady takes her personal hygiene extremely serious.
  6. A lady is knowledgeable and listens before she speaks.
  7. A lady is not found trying to be like a man. She appreciates her femininity.
  8. A lady is elegant not just in the way she talks and walks; she dresses up to look classy and gorgeous not trashy and sexy.
  9. A lady is firm and sticks to her king, caters to him and puts him first. A real woman knows a real man always comes first.
  10. A lady is intriguing. Simply put, she doesn’t seek approval from the world hence not every detail of her life is seen on social media.

It takes a lot to resist the temptation of following the trend and actually be a lady, yes we know but with just a little discipline the world will appreciate the essence and royalty in you.

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By Magdalene Tuku

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