Short Hair Styles: The Ultimate Show Stopper.


Ever wondered why people are generally drawn to ladies wearing short hair? I will tell you. short hair signifies POWER, COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE. These three are natural attention getters.

A woman with a beautiful short hair style walks into the room and all attention goes to her. Now you understand why that happens. And as Ladies we all love that kind of attention. I understand most women dread the idea of cutting their hair and weaves, but sometimes you need to add some flare to your style.

You know, just shake things up a little as the daring adventurous woman that you are. Let the diva out. Lol

This short hair style gallery may just change your mind if you still have doubts…


Hint: While rocking your short hair style never underestimate the bold accessories, from the earring to the neck-wear to that bright colored lipstick, full blown lashes, the contacts etc. It is all the tiny pieces that make for the fabulous whole.

We are social, how about you tell us how you would rather rock your short hair in the comment section.


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