Do you preach what you practice? Or Do you Practice what you preach? Or Do you just TALK because you can?

So I was at the mechanic’s yesterday. It wasn’t one of my best days but I was getting along just fine until this middle-aged man walked into the garage. he should be about 37-43. I couldn’t really tell because he looked so hungry and unkempt. his worn-out shirt torn from the armpit down to his wrist.

but guess what? this man was carrying with him a big ghana-must go bag of well-starched cotton shirts, singlets, and boxers. all for sale. I know this isn’t new, I mean we have all seen those ones at motor parks practically forcing you to buy books on how to get rich in 7days…lol, The whole idea just never ceases to amaze me. but then, it goes a long way to tell you the kind of people we are.

So this man kept pestering my mechanic and his colleagues to buy something, all the while I was focused on my phone, but then this man walks up to me saying “Nne buy for ya guy na”.

Shock is not the right word to use but then I decided to buy only on one condition. That he helps in the selection process. so he did. I handed him the cash and asked if he could try on the new shirt? he was surprised and momentarily confused. I insisted, so he did. he smiled and in that instant looked so different from the man who has walked into the garage some hours ago.

And so I asked him. “why were you not wearing a better shirt”?.His reply? is the reason behind this piece. Let’s just say it turns out that he doesn’t wear starched shirts or the inferior briefs and singlets he was hawking. he said finally in his long explanation. ” I have to dress the part in order to be relatable to my target audience”.

NO!!! that wasn’t my grammar, it was his.

Now, just like this hawker, there are so many scavengers out there trying to SELL you what they don’t even believe in just so they can make a living off your gullibility and lack of knowledge.

These are desperate times. be careful what you hear and what you believe. if possible? cultivate and develop trust issues. the only one you should trust anyway is God.


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