Nude Pictures To Your Man? Why Not???


Ok ok, before you have my head on a pike just hear me out. There is nothing wrong with spoiling YOUR MAN. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving him a visual appetizer. If you can have sex with him, why can’t you send him some sugar when you are not around, or even when you are, just to spice things up.

Sex with him shouldn’t be a routine, it should be unpredictable, ecstatic, mad, passionate and just amazing. Be so good, one experience will leave you thinking about them for a long time. How long you have been together shouldn’t be a factor. And what better way to get him expectant and rushing home to you than some good visuals. Truth is If you don’t some other babe will and gladly too.

Forget all the gist of statistics of how there are more male than females in the world. Yes, they may be but don’t forget that half of the male population is either married or GAY. So if you got yourself a loyal trustworthy man, there shouldn’t be any limit to what you should do for him. You see, these men do too much not to be shown this kind of love. He may not have been encouraging you to send him nude pics but trust me he has some already that he is looking at. The internet is littered with them.

Here is the thing, some men are of the opinion that it is not necessary, not when they can have the full package in flesh and blood but trust me a little surprise once in a while when he’s probably having a hard time at work or business can do all the magic. Lol, don’t be fooled, men are visual beings. Be a good entertainer.

Here is a little trick. There is SULTRY, EROTIC and OUTRIGHT NUDITY. Find out which one works for him and serve it like its hot. This is because some men, unlike the others, find outright nudity repulsive and as a turnoff, so if you have this kind of man, do well to leave more to the imaginations.

I know, with the kind of society we find ourselves in, with all the blackmail, a lot of ladies are not comfortable doing this. But when I said YOUR MAN, I wasn’t referring to boyfriend, fuckboy or even fiancee. I was talking about full-fledged HUSBAND. If you are in a marriage and do not trust your nude pics in the hands of your man, my sister you are married to yourself.

You cannot be a career woman and be traveling every now and then across the country or worst still around the globe and tell us it is wrong to send hubby some candy. Aunty if you don’t? another babe will not only send him the pics but also do your job for you. Yes, men need sex all round the clock. What he does with the pics is his business, just do your part.

I was speaking to a group of ladies about this and one of the ladies opted to educate us on morals, that, it is not scriptural. Sighting an instance that what if MARY HAD SENT JOSEPH a nude pics?. My answer was… there were no cameras nor smartphones at the time. Stop using holier than thou mentality to starve your man. Don’t even get me started on this one, we won’t leave here today.

The sole reason WOMAN was created was because, of MAN. So you have no right to deprive him of his basic rights because you are praying, fasting or what have you. I am still looking for that scripture that says “thou shall not have sex with your husband because your praying or fasting”. or “God doesn’t answer women that fuck their husbands” Please help a sister out if you have.

Quick question, why do you think sex is the bestselling commodity in the world? Because all men subscribe to it. ALL. MARRIED, SINGLE, pastors, deacons, reverends, GAY, UNDERAGE. Of course, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do. Just keep in mind there are always substitutes. Always.

Oh and finally! Have I mentioned it is their god-given right and entitlement? Well, it is. Especially as a Nigerian girl with all that long bridal list, you think he doesn’t deserve everything??? Lol… Remember he is going to cheat and you are going to forgive him because the only reason he cheated was that “you pushed him” “you were not doing your job”, there are a gazillion reasons but you are going to forgive him.

So why don’t we just avoid all that ugliness and do the needful?

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