Queen led him straight into the bathroom, made him sit by the tub as she turned on the hot water. She was still dumbfounded. She doesn’t remember telling him her house address, and where was his bag? phones? laptop?…oh yea his laptop. For an I.T guy, he never goes anywhere without it. He looked like he had been lost in the jungle for days. So many questions clouded her mind.

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The primary thought was how she was going to kill Zoronachi. Yes, like literally kill him. What was his business with her life? true he was her house caretaker, they maintained a cordial relationship, but why does he always feel the need to intrude in her affairs? He had once said to her ” you are a sister I never had, so I wouldn’t let anything happen to you”.

Queen was surprised. What was his business?. Or was it something about her that made everyone around her want to protect her and tell her what she should or shouldn’t do? or claim to know what is best for her?. She was furious but calm, as usual, she has learned to master her emotions.

Finally, she turned off the heater as she signaled him to go ahead. He stood up, staggered a bit, but instead of walking to the shower, he closed up on her in a bit, covering her mouth with his, his hands searching and pulling as her silk blouse buttons scattered around the floor. Suddenly he had become larger than life, energized, strong, hard and wanting. She could feel the evidence of his desire, the urgency of his longing. Unlike before, he wasn’t slowing down and instantly Queen knew he wasn’t going to stop this time.

Instantly she remembered what he had once said over the phone “I should have marked my territory”, was she really his territory??? After what she’s done? Her heart broke into a thousand pieces, she tried to focus. He may have sensed her withdrawal as he gradually eased up on her and took a step back, smiling, the color was back on his face, a man in love just can’t be hidden. She smiled back and shoved at him.

He turned and walked into the shower apologizing “am sorry for all the dirt, showering together could be more fun though” she laughed a soft laugh as she strolled back into the room, “I would rather get to the kitchen first” she replied.

In the kitchen she instantaneously flung the windows open, she needed the air, she couldn’t breathe. What was she going to do?. Dash would be here any minute she thought as she pulled out the okra soup bowl and placed it in the microwave while reaching for the poundo on the top shelf.

She was going to figure it out. She always does. She was in control and this was her house. She would just block him at the entrance door or at the gate and cancel plans.

Yes, this sounded like the perfect escape plan. She just couldn’t handle both men meeting each other at least not right now.

The incessant beep of the microwave brought her back to the present. Then she heard voices from the passage.

To be continued……

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