MaggiezDiary: The service Year


Yes! It was freedom in a lot of ways for Queen Mpkurumma Nze-Dike.  Counting down from a boarding school to a private university and back home. She was constantly surrounded by people who were just too interested in her life. Everyone always had a piece of advice for her. Do this, don’t do that.

It was becoming choking, even suffocating. So her NYSC call-up letter was a huge relief. She already had her savings, she was going to rent her own house alone and for the first time be an adult. She did not necessarily prepare a TO DO LIST but she had some things up her sleeves she needed to explore. And she knew now was a perfect time. As she smiled and handed her dad the letter.


All efforts to influence her posting to Abuja had proven abortive. She liked that she was going far away. But the Captain as they fondly call him did not seem so excited, but he was grateful and happy. He was a proud father of a beautiful, brilliant 22-year-old lawyer. And then, there was Michael Chukwuemeka Nnabuife. A tall, handsome I.T expert. She calls him “my nerd”. She was sapiosexual and this guy just landed himself a jackpot.


They met in Nigerian Law School Lagos, he was visiting his younger brother and they had run into each other at the parking lot. She would never forget the look on his face. She would always tease him that he fell in love too easily, and he would respond “yes, my heart was waiting for you”. They had a beautiful thing going and nothing was going to change that. Not NYSC, not even her much-anticipated freedom.



GCU as popularly known is one of the oldest schools in the South East and has produced prominent names in Politics and history. The large expanse of land had a shade of faded glory with dilapidated structures and abandoned classroom blocks leaning on each other.

This was her place of primary assignment. Queen enjoys walking the distance between the staff room and the school gate because of the trees and the shades they provide. But as she walked towards the gate today, she felt damp. Something was not right. It’s been 3 months already and she was still entangled in this web. A web she had intentionally created. Not to hurt anyone but it did not seem so now. At least for the second time she had agreed to meet with Dash.



It was not a hot day as usual. The weather was damp. It had poured heavily the previous night. Chukwuemeka didn’t get much sleep, not because of the cold, at least he knew that. What was it about her anyway? He knew he was consumed by her, his every thought was of her. Was it in the way she laughed so freely? Was it her smile that radiates right from her heart to the twinkling of her eyes, touching the edges of her lips? He noticed every minute detail about her.


There was no denying or pretense. He knew she had him effortlessly. He blinked back a tear at the thought of it all, as he dialed her number for the 6th time that morning. The Beyonce pink panther song that is her caller tune didn’t help his situation right now. His mind ran wild. What if other men who called her heard the same tune? It was an invitation. And he hated it. He hated himself for installing it for her.


Was she tormenting him on purpose? For a simple mistake, he was deeply sorry for?? He quickly reached for the car keys and slowly walked into his car and drove off quickly giving instructions to the housekeeper. As he sped into the highway leading to Wuse/Central Area, he let down his glasses. He needed fresh air. And with the fresh air came the taunting memories of that beautiful day.


It was a day before her trip to Umunna Bende NYSC Camp, Abia State. He was getting set for their date when he heard the doorbell. He delayed because he wasn’t expecting anyone. For the past year, since his return home, he had led a solitary life. He didn’t want to make friends; not with Abuja boys who were all dishonest and dubious or Abuja girls who were just too desperate.


Abuja in all its beauty reeked of sex, desperation, and fear of the unknown. But he had found “fresh air”. And as he opened the door, there she stood, looking magnificent in her satin black high slit, off-shoulder maxi dress. She knew just how to pick her styles and color. He was still taking in her radiance when she rushed into his arms in a tight hug.

He reciprocated, wrapping his long arm around her petite frame. “you surprised me” he said, smiling as he bent towards her lush lips. She smiled back and stepped away. ” it’s a full house back home, I was thinking we could stay here,” she said, pouting her lips and bending her neck.

He laughed out loud as he pulled her into the multi-color sofa with him, turning on the TV. They both laughed as they watched JENIFA’S DIARY. She rested her hand on his neck, slightly caressing the hair on the back of his neck. He smiled, it was an innocent gesture, they had agreed to wait. But in an instant, she had joined in light kisses on the arm to the caressing on the neck. He pulled her closer as he whispered “I am so full of you Mma, stop already”. she smiled and reached up for his lips.


He tried to fight it, to contain his senses but every single nerve in him was responding to her instead. He had been so full of desire and a subdued longing. The fire was consuming him, and in no time, he took control with so much intensity.

Yes! they had agreed to wait, not just because she was a virgin but to primarily prove to himself that he could be a better man. And as he tried to pull back, he felt it. His zipper was undone and his rock hard penis in the full grasp of her palm. it was a votive offering. the type no man born of a woman could run away from. Her zipper was undone too, her bra unstrapped as her plum breast hung free.

He rolled her over to lye on her back, strapped her bra, straightened her dress, and slowly with all the courage he could muster, walked out of the room.

To Be Continued…

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