MaggiezDiary: The hunger3: The Trojan Horse.


It was the beginning of the year, another chapter of everything new or so they say. Marrie wasn’t really interested in the new year’s resolution rhymes, there had become such a cliché to her. She believed that you do not need the beginning of a new year to change something in your life you did not like or drop a bad habit or better still start something new; it was all a matter of discipline and convenience.

So far, she loved her life just the way it was, she was happy and content, there was nothing she desired to change. And right now, she was on her way to breaking one of her principles, a principle that had taken her years to learn relearn and build, this principle that had kept her safe for the past years.

Marrie had become too comfortable in her safety nest, she smiled as she thought out loud “if you need something different, you have to adjust the rules or should I say rock the boat a little” She was bold and fearless. It was time to step out. And she was doing just that.

She was scared of only one thing, her heart, she has been told she was a hopeless romantic; even though she never believed it but she was scared her heart would betray her. Marrie always felt her heart is her greatest traitor; She was being overly confident she reasoned as a masculine voice pierced through her head “Madam we don reach.” “Ah! Kc so soon?” He smiled back without saying anything.

Over the past two years, Marrie and Kc  had grown to be good friends. K.c was fine looking young man, an OND holder who had decided to make an honest living for himself by joining the town cab service. Marrie was one of those very few customers he would never turn down  no matter the place and time, he gets worried when she stays out late and he’s not able to take her home.

They always made small talk whenever they were both out on business, to an extent he had turned to Marrie’s fastest delivery agent. But K.c felt more and wished to become much more than just her errand boy. Still he took her to all her dates, he could wait if she needed him to. And be polite and smile through it all.

Today was different. Marrie had mentioned to him that she was on a mission and he had not said a word about it.
She was tempted to ask him to wait, as she stepped out of the car, but she fought the temptation.  She  was suddenly on edge, a cold shiver ran down her spine as she touched her purse to reassure herself that her “vex” money was intact.

He wasn’t a knight in shining amour, not her fantasy roman warrior with the abs and shield leading an army to save the world, obviously not the Romeo brand either. Marrie was still trying to place him when he started running. He made a sharp turn and before she could blink he already picked her up and spinned twice. Ohgwad! That felt good….the stares they got? felt even better. Well one of the perks of being a petite woman.

He smelled like heaven, he had firm hands. He gently put Marrie down as he continued smiling, then he leaned in, and for an instant she froze!  He was going to kiss her by the road. Then she felt his warm breathe on her ear as he whispered “I have been wanting to do that since last year”.

Marrie could not hold in the giggle anymore, She let it out and he joined in; and for some minutes, all they did was laugh   as he led the way to his house. He had long legs but walked slowly, each step calculated and intended, he slide his palm into her’s, a firm grip it was….hmmmm if he had listened he would have heard those pretty little things swimming and flying in her stomach.

And here they were, right in his house, not a five star setting but not bad for a young man of his age and status.
It was a clean and well kept apartment, there was a mild lavender fragrance hanging in the air. It wasn’t a house that has been hurriedly cleaned because a lady was visiting, it has been clean for long, actually Marrie couldn’t not trace a speck of dust anywhere; a meticulous man?

Marrie was still taking in the beautiful sight when he poked her from behind, she turned and he was on his knees, his face blank of expression as he asked “will you be my girlfriend”???  Marrie smiled, took a step closer. It was then then she saw it.
His right arm was shaking uncontrollably, his palms sweating as he held hers, he was struggling to keep a steady gaze. He was nervous!!! The smart, intelligent, handsome, cool ,collected, meticulous and confident man was nervous???

Marrie shouldn’t have given away that surprise but she wasn’t the only one in the uncertainty boat I thought…
she held him up and led the way back to the sitting room, there was a deafening silence; And suddenly  he was all up on her, pressing against the wall with his full body weight. She could feel every part of him but then she wasn’t thinking anymore. She looked up and he suddenly seemed larger than life, towering above her and in control with a lingering smile on his lips.
She didn’t realize how much she needed to drink water. Her heart beat picked up in full speed as her knees gave way. She could not feel her legs and he wasn’t even touching her…yet.! She tried to think. She desperately wanted to wield her brain to comply, But she was all alone now. He leaned in and again whispered “please say yes!

And against all rational reasoning, against all she has taught herself, against all her rules and principles, As she opened her mouth,  Again he whispered “dont think, just follow my lead please”.
Even as the little girl inside her screamed RUN. Marrie stood there and said YES. And in a swift move he covered her mouth with his, searching, pulling, moaning.  It would seem he had more than two hands now. She could feel the evidence of his desire, the intensity of his longing, as she slightly parted her lips and reciprocated with equal intensity.

……………….And time stood still.




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