MaggiezDiary: The Hunger2: So Wrong So Right

It has been weeks, everything  Mariah planned to do, had worked out accordingly and amidst it all she had succeeded in convincing herself that she  didn’t need anybody. At least she couldn’t make out any reason why she thought or felt she needed a man.
Of course  everyone else had a gazillion reason but it is her life and she planned to live it on her own terms.
It was Christmas, and as usual there was super excitement in the air, Mariah was happy; not particularly about christmas, she was indifferent, but she had loved the sales the season brought.

It was a Thursday morning, the Christmas day; Marrie opened her eyes and for the first time she let her entire life , successes, failures, memories, hurts…she  let it all flash through her mind, all bare, picking on what she would have done differently at the time, but in all she was thankful had no regrets whatsoever.

“I am on the right track” she muttered to herself as she snapped back to reality on the sound of the door opening up without a knock or any form of notification! They all knew how she sleeps  lol well at least she thought so.
And so, as she hurriedly tried to cover up, her mom was already standing over the bed, staring down at her with that mischievous smile she pulls off whenever she was troubleshooting. At this point Marrie had  given up on the cover up adventure as she sat on the bed.

What was there to hide anyway, she had seen it all a thousand times over.

she walked around the room, muttering something under her breath, something Marrie believed was a prayer; her mother never took a break from it and she was eternally grateful for that.
But here she was at this hour, she needed something, Marrie thought to herself, she was almost certain she did, but what was it exactly?

She was already drifting into her thoughts when her mother started speaking and there it was; what she feared the most, coming from her mother at this time did not make it any easier to swallow.

Her mother is one of those mothers that are happy as long as you are happy, she does not pressure, she does not try to live your life, she would rather suggest and guide. She was a mother!

Not one, she had been  entirely  fair to and lately she felt guilt just thinking of it.
And here she was, she had taken this upon herself for the first time knowing Married would not ignore her as she did the others, but she already felt so guilty because she was going to do just that; but then she let her continue, she had her reasons, she made sense and finally she made Marrie promise to at least give it a thought as she hugged her at the door.

Once again she have agreed to something she wasn’t going to do; at least not yet, well she had her own plans, she needed something different, something out of the usual. Something extraordinary.

She have grown to dislike No! hate the cliché of being the pretty daughter that had numerous suitors who all happened to be the sons of her father’s friends.

Married knew it was time to get them all off her back, and so she picked up her phone and started scrolling through her BBM contacts, there he was, that friend, you can get mischievous with he will totally get it. Then she typed “Guy hook me up na”.
At this point Marrie could only imagine how he had rolled in laughter as he replied; the chat went on for some minutes, as they got talking about other things.
A week had passed, it was midway into another week when she saw it. A message from him. Wow she had totally forgotten but hey! She asked for it and he had done it.

She kept smiling to herself as she scrolled through the messages, contact info and pictures.
And then she felt it, right in her guts; butterflies? No way, it was probably hunger. She had skipped dinner last night. And so a couple of minutes later they it was an invite and that was it.

Fourteen days later. They were still on the phone. They talked about everything and anything, it was like talking to a long lost friend, no forming, no reservations, just talk; but it was all about to end. The time was close, the days were racing each other, the year has speedily come to an end and the 5th of January was just a few days ahead. The day She finally get to meet him.
Oh God! That pit in her stomach again and this time she was sure it wasn’t hunger, she had just downed a palatable plate of Afang with poundy.
And so it was finally here, Marrie felt good, confident and in control as she stepped into the cab taking in all the compliments on her well cut two piece black and white jump suit; well it was just a date, one date never hurt anyone or so they say.
It was either going to end well or we would end up never wanting to see each other again. She quietly thought to herself.
But wait, why was she scared? She was scared. We already bonded she slowly muttered out loud.


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