MaggiezDiary: The Hunger

It was a cold November morning,dry-dark clouds hung over the cool humid breeze outside. The serenity was perfect. One of those days living in the outskirts of town wasn’t such a bad idea.

No early morning noise or rush hour traffic hassle from anywhere. Mariah cuddled up herself back into bed, there was no way she was getting out of this bed now! It was too perfect just like her life was now.

Everything was perfect as it is, her business was picking up faster than she had expected. In fact she had a couple of deliveries lined up for the day. Her family? well she was used to their issues, at least that was what she always told herself.

For a young entrepreneur, her accounts weren’t so bad either. This was one of the very few times she felt really proud of herself.
But wait!!! something was not right, something was missing. She felt an emptiness, a void suddenly crept in. A gaping hole yearning for closure so bad.

What was that!? She was good with all her clients, friends and acquaintances, well most actually…lol..but as a people pleaser, Mariah was good with all. So what was that feeling?…and what was it about?

She yawned, stretched and unconsciously shoved her hands in between her legs. Ah! there it was! she felt it! the warmth and moist that followed, that tailored wetness. Ugh! It was one of those times again, it was happening too often lately. But was that really it!?

Her last birthday, there had been an unending sermon from her mom on how girls get more sexually active in their mid-twenties. But she wasn’t entirely sure this was what the feeling was about.
Then it dawned on her, she was alone!… she had been for the past 2-3 years. No, she wasn’t lonely, so why feel so alone all of a suddenly?!!

Right there and then, she knew she couldn’t fight the feeling anymore, she needed to drop the act.  She had been so used to being all by herself.  She was drama free, stress free and most importantly she had peace of mind. But now, more than ever, She knew deep down that she needed a man. A reliable man.
She reluctantly  stepped out of the bed to  get ready for the long day ahead. And as she slowly dropped her robe and stepped into the warm shower. It hit her like that 4am wake up bell in the boarding school, the dreaded question!
Why do you need someone!??

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