Love And Submission

Take away Financial security & societal perception of the “MRS” title.
Where is the SUBMISSION and LOYALTY in the average Nigerian woman???

Please if anyone finds it, can you kindly let me know….thank you.
Biko ndi misconstrued facebook feminists, nobody should come for me ooh…
Because I am a feminist with concerns about the values instilled in the younger Nigerian woman.

How can you tell her to choose the older one over someone she truly has a connection with just because the older seems or look Financially STABLE? “Will you eat love”…… (Mothers fear God!)

How can you tell her to coverup a pedophile and a beater and PRAY for him, because she needs to protect her home?

Where was it said that the home/marriage is only left to be preserved by the woman? I thought she was a help-meet???

How can you tell her to remain married to a cheating man and devise means of revenge just because she cannot fend for herself and her kids???

Why are we teaching girls to be lazy and dormant???

Dear Father-inlaw/father-inlaw to be. When did it become okay to think your son in law is an ATM???

When did it become okay to make your daughter feel that her marriage is a RETURN ON INVESTMENT? Of course you know what this means…..” Highest bidder wins”.

Why not train her to be independent then her career success can be your return on investment?
When did it become okay to be so cold and emotionless?

When did Abnormal become Normal??..….
When did destiny become a general RACE???

Can we all see where it all began?? Does anyone have some answers?…..
How can we undo this?
Why is the pattern more on the rise inspite of all the education, enlightenment, trainings and feminists RANTINGS……?
Anyone gotten some answers yet???

Dear young girl, why is it okay to evaluate love with the gifts he gives to you or the amount of money he is willing to spend on you?? (What if he’s just trying to manipulate you?) Ever asked yourself why you can’t afford those things on your own??

As for the Aunty that just dumped her boyfriend for the guy with more money and gifts to splash around…….WELLDONE.

The Aunty that has been praying and covering up a man who you caught defiling your kid Sister…..WELLDONE!. Keep praying
May Wisdom guide Us All LAST LAST.

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