How to Stay Attractive All Day Each Day

Do you know that most often than not how you feel affects how you look? No matter the amount of money you are putting on. Yes, it does this is because what is seen is a reflection of what is inside and sometimes it’s in one of those days we feel horrible that we run into people that matter.

Now get this! Attraction is not a physical thing, you do not need to be physically beautiful to be attractive.

Attraction is not the attention you get when you are wearing that short transparent dress or flaunting your unbuttoned bare chest.

Attraction is a connection force that goes beyond dressing sexual. Attraction is what keeps the attention when the infatuation is over; this is why most friendships and relationships don’t get beyond the infatuation stage.

Now allow me to share a few hints with you on how to stay attractive daily irrespective of how your insides feel

Be Happy:

Against all odds you just have to be happy, this may be hard to some people but it is actually non-negotiable because at the end we are all a product of our reaction to action, you decide how you want to feel about a particular situation.

YES! You have that power and if your peace of mind is important to you; you would never give it away. No matter how you feel, have such strong emotional intelligence to control your mind to be happy.

This is very necessary because how you feel is a reflection of how you look even if you are wearing a billion dollar; if you are emotionally unstable it will unconsciously dull your shine.

Be Respecful:

We cannot over emphasize this very tricky phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, respect is for everyone not for some selected people, and showing respect have absolutely nothing to do with the number of times you greet or prostrate to someone; respect starts from yourself, you cannot give what you do not have.

There is just something attractive about the phenomenon itself not to imbibe such a quality.

Smell Good Always:
No joker! Now, this may sound shabby but it’s the fact. Never ever underestimate the effect of a good cologne and its after effect on the people around you.

The truth is nobody actually wants to hang around people who smell bad Eeewwww imagine sitting beside someone with mouth odour in a bus! Lol…. Personally, I know am not getting to my destination on the same bus.

Smile Like Your Life Depends On It:
No matter what you wear or what you are worth… your smile is what speaks first. When you smile it shows you are approachable, you are reachable.

You won’t want to be attractive and at the same time build a herculean wall over yourself, you have to be accessible to be attractive no matter who you are.

Make Eye Contact And Keep A Steady Gaze:
Now, this starts from the mind, like stated above always shun timidity; keeping in mind that this is planet earth and everyone else is as human just as you are.

And so, when you are opportune to meet with some calibre of people look them straight in the eye and have a firm handshake.

Train yourself to stand and face people above you, trust your mind your mind to carry you through, learn not to see yourself as lesser, or the world would see you as such. Don’t mistake this for overconfidence, NO!.

Grooming your confidence entails stepping out of your level, approaching people you wouldn’t dare to approach normally, kill the spirit of timidity; it’s an enemy of progress; And yes! nothing is sexier than one who knows his/her worth.

A simple trick?!!!

Don’t take things too seriously, because no matter what, life will happen! How else would you want to stay attractive?? Leave your comment below…


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