MaggiezDiary: The hunger3: The Trojan Horse.

  It was the beginning of the year, another chapter of everything new or so they say. Marrie wasn’t really interested in the new year’s resolution rhymes, there had become such a cliché to her. She believed that you do not need the beginning of a new year to change …

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Queen led him straight into the bathroom, made him sit by the tub as she turned on the hot water. She was still dumbfounded. She doesn’t remember telling him her house address, and where was his bag? phones? laptop?…oh yea his laptop. For an I.T guy, he never goes anywhere …

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MaggiezDiary: The Hunger2: So Wrong So Right

It has been weeks, everything  Mariah planned to do, had worked out accordingly and amidst it all she had succeeded in convincing herself that she  didn’t need anybody. At least she couldn’t make out any reason why she thought or felt she needed a man. Of course  everyone else had …

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MaggiezDiary: The Hunger

It was a cold November morning,dry-dark clouds hung over the cool humid breeze outside. The serenity was perfect. One of those days living in the outskirts of town wasn’t such a bad idea. No early morning noise or rush hour traffic hassle from anywhere. Mariah cuddled up herself back into …

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MaggiezDiary: Same Script, Different Cast

  Regret basically is regarded as a deep feeling of sadness over the loss of something you should have done differently or not done at all. Personally, I dread regret, I try to live my life in such a way that I get to smile both at the right, wrong …

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