Do you preach what you practice? Or Do you Practice what you preach? Or Do you just TALK because you can? So I was at the mechanic’s yesterday. It wasn’t one of my best days but I was getting along just fine until this middle-aged man walked into the garage. …

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How to Stay Attractive All Day Each Day

Do you know that most often than not how you feel affects how you look? No matter the amount of money you are putting on. Yes, it does this is because what is seen is a reflection of what is inside and sometimes it’s in one of those days we …

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A mistress is that babe who has your husband/ man 100%. A mistress is often Beautiful, sexy, smart intelligent, hot and in most occasion career driven and independent. Basically, from our research, it is safe to say that a mistress is all that the wife is not, or was and …

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Nude Pictures To Your Man? Why Not???

WARNING: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SINGLE OR UNDER 21! DO NOT SHARE WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Ok ok, before you have my head on a pike just hear me out. There is nothing wrong with spoiling YOUR MAN. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving him a visual appetizer. If you …

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Love And Submission

Take away Financial security & societal perception of the “MRS” title. Where is the SUBMISSION and LOYALTY in the average Nigerian woman??? Please if anyone finds it, can you kindly let me know….thank you. Biko ndi misconstrued facebook feminists, nobody should come for me ooh… Because I am a feminist …

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