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Make Beliefs: The Ideal LifeStyle

MAKE BELIEF This past week has been quite interesting, actually very interesting. First it was Toke Makinwa’s lashing on guys and now Amara Nwosu, formerly and popularly known as Amara Van-Lare and her divorce. First I want to point out that I have no personal relationship with any of these …

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MaggiezDiary: The service Year

  Yes! It was freedom in a lot of ways for Queen Mpkurumma Nze-Dike.  Counting down from a boarding school to a private university and back home. She was constantly surrounded by people who were just too interested in her life. Everyone always had a piece of advice for her. …

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MaggiezDiary: The Service Year. pt2

The drive home was hellish. The pain was excruciating. For the hundredth time he had turn the car around in his mind but he didn’t. He would not. He was doing the right thing not just by her but for himself too. Or was he? now he wasn’t so sure, …

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Benefits Of Good Coitus.

Oh yeea! You read me right. We will be talking about coitus today. What is healthy living without some good coitus in your life???? Ok!! ok!! ok!! For the benefit of some people let us define coitus. Coitus simply mean sexual intercourse. And today we will be talking about good …

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Why women cheat: From A Woman’s Perspective.

When a woman loves, she loves for real or so they say. It is generally perceived that women are more emotional and therefore attach a lot of importance to sex. But does cheating only have to do with sex? We will analyse that some other time. It is also believed …

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Short Hair Styles: The Ultimate Show Stopper.

  Ever wondered why people are generally drawn to ladies wearing short hair? I will tell you. short hair signifies POWER, COURAGE AND CONFIDENCE. These three are natural attention getters. A woman with a beautiful short hair style walks into the room and all attention goes to her. Now you …

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